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Han, Sang-ll
Professor of Global Public Administration 
Jeongui Hall 404 
Ph.D. in Public Administration, University of Southern California 
Sang-Il Han, Ph.D. is a professor of the Yonsei University's Department of Global Public Administration with an expertise in organizational theory and community development. Professor Han's research examines the relationship between learning organization and public performance and the role of nonprofit organizations in neighborhood participation. He is the author of Understanding of Wonju Medical Device Cluster (in Korean, 2009) and Korean Public Sector (in Korean, 2007) and has been published in numerous journals. He is an editor of the Journal of Regional Studies & Development and serves on the editorial boards of International Review of Public Administration.
Program Director, BK21 PLUS Research Team on International Development and Social Economy, 2014-
Chair, General Affairs Committee, Korea Association for Organization Studies, 2010-
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Regional Studies & Development, 2006-
Editorial Board, International Review of Public Administration, 2008-2009
Member of General Affairs Committee, Korean Association of Governance Studies, 2008-2009
Member of the Governing Board, Korean Association for Public Administration, 2007
Editorial Board, Korean Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 2006-2007

Understanding of Wonju Medical Device Cluster: Focusing on the Learning and Innovation Process (in Korean, Seoul: Dae Young) October 2009. Co-author: Pyeong Jun Yu.

The Korean Public Sector: Theories, Size, Characteristics and Reform Strategy (in Korean, Chuncheon: Hallim University Press) March 2007. Co-author Byung Young Ahn and Moo-Kwon Chung.


“The Relationship between Learning Organization Characteristics and Public Performance in the Korean Quasi-governmental Organizations” (in Korean), Journal of Governmental Studies, April 2010, with Moo-Kwon Chung, Moo-Hyun Choi and Chang-Hyun Jo.

“Multiple Perspectives on Learning Organization: In Pursuit of the Ideal Type for the Korean Quasi-governmental Organizations” (in Korean), Journal of Governmental Studies, April 2010.

“The Accountability and the Governance Structure of the Korean Public Institutions” (in Korean), Korean Journal of Organization Studies, April 2010.

“The Social Enterprise and Community Development” (in Korean), Creation and Innovation, April 2010.

“The Theoretical Framework for the Community Strategy and Development” (in Korean), Community Development and Innovative Strategy (Seoul: Jo Myoung) edited by Pan Suk Kim, December 2009.

“Public Administration and Public Governance in Korea,” Public Administration and Public Governance in ASEAN Member Countries and Korea (Seoul: Dae Young) edited by Pan Suk Kim, September 2009.

“The Influence of Progressive Movement on Neighborhood Council Formation in the City of Los Angeles” (in Korean), Journal of Regional Studies and Development, June 2009, with E.K. Lee.

“An Empirical Analysis on the Relationship between Organizational Learning and Innovation: The Case of the Korean Government” (in Korean), Creation and Innovation, February 2009.

“The Types and Forms of the Public Sector Organization” (in Korean), in Current Issues in Korean Public Administration (Seoul: Bak Young Sa), edited by Jong Min Park and Moo-Kwon Chung, January 2009.

“An Empirical Analysis on the Broken Window Theory: Focused on the Effects of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design and Local Crime Prevention Governance” (in Korean), Korean Review of Public Administration, December 2008, with Young Jea Kim.

“A Comparative Study on the Relationship between Social Capital and Community Participation: The Case of Korea and America” (in Korean), Korean Journal of Local Autonomy, June 2008.

“The Community Strategy and Development of the Innovative Cluster: The Case of Wonju Medical Instrument Cluster” (in Korean), Journal of Governmental Studies, June 2008, with Pyeong Jun Yu.

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“The Learning Organization Characteristics of the Korean Public Organizations” (in Korean), Korean Public Administration Studies, April 2008, with Moo-Kwon Chung.

“An Analysis on the Characteristics of Learning Infrastructure, System and Culture in the Korean government: Focused on their Effects on the Employees’ Satisfaction and Efficacy Using the Structural Equation Model” (in Korean) Korean Journal of Public Administration, March 2008 with Moo-Kwon Chung.

“An Empirical Analysis on the Service Qualities and their Effects of the Korean Central Library” (in Korean) Journal of the Korean Library and Information Science Society, March 2008, with Young Jea Kim, Pyeong Jun Yu, and Deuk Jong Bae.

“The Proximities and their Effects in Local Innovative Cluster: Based on the Wonju Medical Instrument Participants’ Perceptions” (in Korean), Korean Journal of Local Government Studies, June 2006, with Pyeong Jun Yu.

“The Classification of the Korean Quasi-governmental Organizations: Perspectives, Terminologies and Current Trends” (in Korean) Journal of Regional Studies and Development, May 2006.

“Neighborhood Participation in Los Angeles: A Study of its Relationship with Social Characteristics and Social Capital” (in Korean), Korean Journal of Regional and International Affairs, March 2006.

“The Learning and Innovation in an Innovative Cluster: The Relationship with Social Capital and Strategic Alliance” (in Korean), Korean Journal of Public Administration, March 2008 with Moo-Kwon Chung.

“The Institutional and Legal Reform Measures for the Korean Medical Device Industry” (in Korean), Korean Public Administration and Policy Studies, October 2005.

“Emerging Diversity in Los Angeles Koreatown”, Amerasia Journal, September 2004. with Eui-Young Yu, Peter Choe and Kimberley Choi.

“A Case Study on the Asset-based Community Development and Participation: Lessons from the City of Los Angeles” (in Korean), Korean Public Administration Quarterly, December 2003.

“Different Types of American Neighborhood Participation and the Implications for Korean Citizen Participation” (in Korean), Korean Journal of Public Administration, September 2003.
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