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Lee, Hyun Ok
Professor of Global Public Administration 
Jeongui Hall 438 
Ph.D. in Development Sociology, Cornell University 
Hyun Ok Lee is a assistant professor at the department of Global Public Administration, Yonsei University, Korea.
Lee. Hyunok. 2014. ‘Trafficking in Women? Or Multicultural Family?: Contextual Difference in Commodification of Intimacy’, Gender, Place and Culture

Lee.Hyunok. 2013. ‘Global Householding for Social Reproduction: Vietnamese Marriage Migration to South Korea’, The Political Economy of Household in Asia, Palgrave MacMillan

Lee, Hyunok. 2012. ‘The Political Economy of Cross-Border Marriage: Economic Development and Social Reproduction in South Korea ', Feminist Economics, Vol. 18. No.2.

Lee, Hyunok. 2010. 'Homogenous-Multicultural Korea: Social Reproduction and the Politics of "Multicultural Family"', in Iwatake (ed) Gender, Mobility and Citizenship in Asia, Renvall Institute Publications 26, University of Helsinki

‘Interview Report’, Asian Exchange, vol.21 no.2 Arena: Hong Kong, 2006

Co-Author of I'm a Feminist, Dongnyuk Press: Seoul, 2000
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