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Developmental Period: Facing Globalization and Complexities of Public Sector, 1998~
Professors Pan Suk Kim and Sang-Il Han joined in 1998 and 2004, respectively, but in 2003 Professor Jin Ho Kim, the first professor of the Public Administration Department on the Wonju Campus retired. The English lectures and interdepartmental exchange program with the major universities in China, Japan, and America have been expanded in the trends of globalization and complexities of public sectors. Poverty studies and education programs were also developed and activated in order to overcome poverty in developing countries. The Department of Global Public Administration became new name since 2012.
Formulation Period: Eatablishing Further Study Courses, 1990-1997
Professors Pyeong Jun Yu and Deuk-Jong Bae were hired in 1990 and 1991, respectively. Professor Moo-Kwon Chung joined in 1993. The three professors made significant contributions to the development of a variety of public administration major courses. Classes about Organization Theory, Public Finance, Public Personnel Administration, Public Policy and other pivotal areas began to be taught. In 1990, the Institute of Regional Studies and Development was founded and invigorated multidisciplinary study on local developments in Wonju area.
Founding Period: Creating Foundations for Public Administration Education, 1983-1989
The Department of Public Admnistration at Yonsei University was established on the Wonju Campus along with the Departments of Korean Literature and Law in 1982. The first students were admitted and the first professor, Jin Ho Kim, was hired. The Department of Public Administration was on the Ilsan Campus until Cheongsong Hall, Changjo Hall, Hyunwoonjae, and the Dormitory were opened on the Maeji Campus in 1984. In 1987, Professor Lew Kwang Soo was appointed and made contributions to diversification of the curriculum in this period.
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