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The Department of Global Public Administration educates and trains leaders who are able to address the significant challenges of governing, managing, and building communities. Taught by an exceptional and distinguished faculty, the Global Public Administration Department's undergraduate programs offer both classes and practical training in public management and policy.

The Bachelor of Art in Public Administration program provides a broad interdisciplinary and pre-professional education for students interested in the analysis of solutions to society's contemporary political, social, and economic problems.

The Department of Global Public Administration offers five advanced tracks. Through these rigorous programs, Yonsei Global Public Administration educates the future leaders of public, nonprofit and private organizations serving the public sector. The Global Public Administration department prepares serious, talented professionals to face the constantly changing challenges of public service.
International Development Track
International Development has been strengthened over the last decade. The International Development Track prepares students for the fight against international and national inequality, eradication of poverty and its causes, and the expansion of human development in the form of expanded rights and freedoms - civil and political as well as economic and social rights and freedoms.
Public Management Track
A career in public management provides an opportunity to shape the future of our communities and to improve our overall quality of life. A public manager's capacity for leadership is especially important in a world of rapid change. Public managers work in the public and nonprofit sectors and with private agencies to help manage virtually every aspect of our public services. They oversee and continuously redesign governance structures at the city, county, state, and federal levels to create place-based solutions to community problems.
Public Policy Track
Policy analysts inform and shape the public mandates and strategies that improve life for residents in all communities. Working within a complex system of governance, professionals partner with peers and colleagues in government, business, and the nonprofit sector to find innovative solutions to societal problems and challenges. Their work covers a wide range of fields, including social and urban services, environmental sustainability, economic development, international affairs and trade, health, education, and transportation.
Urban and Local Administration Track
Urban and local administrators help community members and decision makers find better, place-based solutions to problems related to land use, transportation, housing, economic development, the environment, sustainability, and the design of more livable communities. They lead the search for solutions to problems of many different scales - from a city block or neighborhood to a metropolis or even an entire region. In their interdisciplinary and inter-professional work, planners engage with businesses, citizen groups, and elected officials to define, organize, and better understand their physical, natural, and social environments.
Social Policy Track
The challenges of an aging society, growing social disparity, and changing racial and ethnic diversity in societies are transforming old paradigms of policy design, implementation, and analysis. Public-private partnerships, government contracting, and the proliferation of nongovernmental social-service organizations are changing the face of social policy at all levels - local, state, and national - and students who want to work in this field must be conversant with these and other important social policy trends. Students in the Social Policy Track can focus on a specific area of social policy or tailor the concentration to fit their unique interests
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