EnglishAcademicsM.A. and Ph.D. Programs
The Master's and doctoral program in Graduate School prepares graduates for careers at academic institutions, in think tanks, and research units of public, quasi-public and private organizations, as well as for other positions with substantial responsibilities for the supervision and administration of research.
Rigorous Theoretical and Methodological Training
The Graduate-level Program is designed to provide students with the theoretical and methodological training needed to perform original research in public management and policy. Many students will specialize in substantive areas such as organizational management, information technology, public finance, social welfare, nonprofit management, and international development.
Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
Coursework stresses both qualitative and quantitative analysis informed by theoretical insights into planned intervention and social change. Within the context of governance, place, and community in a globalizing world - the strategic focus of the school - students receive training in advanced theoretical concepts that characterize the field and develop expertise in an area of specialization.
Faculty-Student Cooperation
A distinguishing feature of the program is the tradition of cooperative faculty-student workshops where participants report and receive feedback on their work as they develop their research agendas or work on collaborative research and publication. Distinguished visitors from other universities and other departments within Yonsei University share their work in these workshops.
Teaching and Research Experience
The Graduate program emphasizes teaching and research experience and provides many opportunities for students to become active in the classroom as teaching colleagues and lecturers and to participate in research projects with individual faculty or through our affiliated research centers.
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